About Us


We are an autonomous local group set up to create a wilder Hyde and Abbotts Barton. We are supporting Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust’s Team Wilder but are operating as an independent organisation.

For more information on Team Wilder visit: https://www.hiwwt.org.uk/wilder-hampshire-wight


To help local residents create a wilder and greener Hyde and Abbotts Barton, for the benefit of both wildlife and residents.

To protect and increase the area’s population of hedgehogs, garden birds, insects and swifts, and to encourage the return of lost wildlife.

To encourage residents to create corridors for nature through their gardens and roads to connect up with surrounding green areas e.g. Nuns stream, River Park playing fields and Winnall Moors.

To contribute to reducing climate change by aiding nature’s recovery.