Gardening Tips


  • Have a wild, untidy patch in the garden – good for insects and birds to feed and even hedgehogs to hibernate in.

  • Plant a small tree – preferably a native tree such as a Crab Apple, Wild Cherry or Blackthorn which will support a host of wildlife. For further information visit:

  • Use alternatives to slug pellets which are poisonous to hedgehogs, frogs and toads e.g. copper bands or gritty sand

  • Wait until the spring to tidy up the garden – leave soil undug and leave seeds heads uncut for birds, and plant stems and fallen leaves for insects to hibernate in.

  • Mulch borders in Spring to keep soil moist in the Summer and again in Autumn to absorb rain and prevent flooding

  • Install a pond – ponds are very beneficial to wildlife as they provide habitats for frogs and newts and drinking water for birds and hedgehogs. Make sure there are stones or a ramp to allow access out if any animals fall in. Even a small pond made from a washing up bowl is beneficial –

  • Install a water butt to reduce your water bill, provide chemical free water to your garden and reduce water extraction from the River Itchen. There are lots of different sizes and designs available now. Last year Southern Water applied for a drought order for southern Hampshire – you can do your bit to reduce the strain on the rivers!

  • Use diluted eco friendly washing up liquid on greenfly as it’s effective but not harmful to other insects.

  • Avoid using weed killer which is harmful to wildlife.  Instead dig out weeds as they appear.