Local Nature


We are very fortunate to have an abundance of nature locally. Just take a walk along Nuns Stream and you might be lucky enough to spot a Kingfisher. Look carefully for movement and a flash of blue and once you see one you can follow it up stream whilst it fishes. There also Kingfishers in Winnall Moors and their high pitched whistle will let you know they are there.

Nuns Stream is also home to a variety of other birds, insects, fish and water voles and you can follow it to Kingsworthy. Hilliers Haven has been created to as a habitat for wildlife as well as a pleasant walk for people.

In our gardens you will see a variety of birds including sparrows and starlings, both of which have a red UK Conservation Status meaning they have the highest conservation priority. At dusk you might be lucky enough to see a hedgehog wandering through your garden and in the summer you can watch the swifts perform their aerial acrobatics.

If you find a fledgling in your garden just leave it as the parents will be close by and come back to feed it if it is left alone. If you are worried about cats you can carefully put it up high in a bush or tree or if very young in a box up high. See www.rspb.org.uk for more information.

Winnall Moors Nature Reserve is home to a great variety of wildlife including deer, foxes, water voles, otters, salmon, toads and a great many birds including herons, gold crests and buzzards. Some are much more elusive than others! The river Itchen is a very important chalk stream habitat and is protected under European law. There are only about 200 chalk streams in the world and the majority of them are in southern England.

If you find any injured wildlife call Hart Wildlife Rescue on 01420 562335 or visit www.hartwildlife.org.uk for advice or call Mildmay Vets on 01962 854088.

We’d love to see your pictures of wildlife and your wildlife activities so please send them to wilderhab.@gmail.com and we will post them on our Community Page.

For other amazing photos of wildlife spotted across Winchester visit Wild Winchester on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/182235555503511/

Wildlife In Local Gardens


Before picture of wildlife pond, Monks Rd.

Pond 2.jpg

After picture of wildlife pond, Monks Rd.

Hedgehog 21 Monks.jpg

Hedgehog found at 21 Monks Rd, released after a checkup by vet.

Hedgehog 2 18 Nuns.jpeg

Hedgehog seen in the garden of 18 Nuns Rd.