May 2021 Newsletter



Confessions of a Wildlife Ignoramus, Part 4


Covid lockdown is not the first time I’ve spent extended periods working from home. On previous occasions, come Spring, every hour or so I’d leave the desk to dash into the garden and dig up a dandelion. In this way, so I blithely assumed, I could combine fresh air, exercise and a vital horticultural chore.

Then the day came when I discovered that dandelions are something to be cherished; not a pernicious weed but a precious food source, each one composed of hundreds of florets overflowing with nectar and pollen.



Pollen beetles, bees, butterflies and moths are threatened by starvation as the nation takes to its lawnmowers. Since then, the call to inaction has gathered strength. ‘No mow May’ has been embraced by the National Trust, no less. We can all do our bit for rewilding, simply by doing nothing.  

Since weeding is out, I’ll have to look for an alternative way to break up the working day that’s better for the environment: perhaps a quick kip?